For those of you who are sick of us going on about how great Burma is, just skip to the photos… (and you know who you are! hehe…)

But for the rest, Burma (Myanmar) is (in our opinion), the most special of places in all of SE Asia. From the moment you arrive, it feels different – people really seem to care about you and the cynical attitudes we are all too-familiar with are nowhere to be seen. And it isn’t a money thing (well, for now anyway) – so often we’ve had lovely acts of kindness and never a request for anything. Just being here, makes you smile.

Anyway, we arrived in Yangon a couple of days back with no distinct plans, wandered the city taking photos of decaying colonial architecture, local markets, just whatever was going on. And, you can’t begin to imagine the constant and unending level of activity there is going on 24 hours a day!

On our second day we took the Yangon Circular Train. Built by the British, this train line circles Yangon in a 3.5 hour journey through a vast variety of suburbs and semi-rural areas. For us, it’s $1 for the day (the locals pay less than 10 cents). We got off and on again, and occasionally on the wrong train but eventually made it back to Yangon station after quite an adventure. The train is used by such a vast range of people who all seem to need it for different reasons, but the vibe is always the same chilled, yet purposeful.

So, today we flew out of the big city and to the coast for a couple of days of rest… More later!