They say Kathmandu is an ‘assault on the senses’ and while I don’t completely disagree on this harsh summary, it paints this magical city in Nepal as a daunting place to visit.

This crowded and dusty city, like many cities is a collection of smaller villages interwoven by streets full of stinky traffic and endless horns – somehow to warn everyone that there’ll be more crazy motorists attempting to navigate in spaces shared by pedestrians, animals, shop displays and seemingly endless building rubble.

And it isn’t just the traffic to worry about – deep uncovered pits wait to swallow you up if distracted whilst walking down what attempts to be a footpath but is generally just a dusty track by the road.

But here we are – exploring timeless laneways, watching locals go about their lives seemingly oblivious to the noise and chaos. Around every corner there’s something new and exciting, yet even in one day, we feel like it’s familiar and the traffic noise seems to fade away…