It’s been a few months but we’re finally back on the road – enjoying the best of SE Asia. For a start, organising affordable international fares around easter is no easy feat but we got there in the end with the help of our accumulated frequent flyer points and a curious mix of discount airlines… First up was Singapore via Brisbane – not the most direct route, but at $150 ea (vs $600+), it had to be done! We spent two nights and one searing day checking out how much the place had changed in the past few years… (they really know how to build cool stuff nowdays!)

Then, today we got up at 4am, flew to Ho Chi Minh city, ate some great beef pho (soup) for $2 and flew onto Danang – the nearest airport to Hoi An where we are now.

For those of you that have never been here, Hoi An is a colonial period town, on a bend in the river a few km from the beach. It is a magical combination of location, architecture, food and of course the lovely Vietnamese people. We’ve both been here before but this time we splashed out, staying at the spectacular Nam Hai hotel on the edge of the South China Sea. This hotel really requires its own blog entry, but for now I suggest you google it and marvel…

Anyway, here are a few pics from our afternoon in Hoi An. No doubt there’ll be more, but it’s good to upload when you have the indulgence of decent internet… Enjoy!