First internet in days! Currently at Hong Kong airport having survived two flights today – Jordan to Dubai and another to here with Cathay which was fine. Not looking forward to 9 or 10 hours on a crowded Qantas plane – but hey, it’s the last flight and at least it’s not Iberia!!! hehe

I think if we had to do it all again – we would! Despite travel and weather chaos around the world, we escaped most of it and somehow managed almost perfect weather for over a month!!! (except a spot of rain in Rio – but that was fun anyway)

We realised the need for some Spanish in Argentina and the fact that Jordanians speak english – often better than Australians.

We ate our best pizza ever (Campo di Fiori in Rome) and endured pasta with way too much cheese in Argentina…

All in all, a success and inspiration to plan our next trip overseas!

Now, back to work tomorrow to pay it all off…