It’s not like Petra really needs to get any more awe inspiring… but it just has.

Petra by night is an event that happens a few times every week in which the 3km path to the Treasury building is lit by hundreds of candles culminating in the entire forecourt being lit by row upon row of candles. People walk into the park down the slope in almost total darkness, the stars brighter than those you see in any city, the hills outlined against them.

We arrived early hoping to get a head-start on the crowds and were blessed by being the first people to do the 30 minute walk in almost total silence. Amazing.

When we arrived at the Treasury they were just lighting the final few candles and we almost had the place to ourselves for a few minutes. And then of course, it filled with a flood of people and the moment was lost. Oh well… At least we were the only people tonight that experienced it empty.

Once full, and I mean full of people, there were a couple of performances by traditional musicians and a signal for everyone to fire their flashes at the same time which lit it all up. As you can see from the photo below, we preferred to rely on candle-light and a few stars…

(Shot on a Nikon D700 with 16mm fisheye lens – 30 second exposure f6.7 at 1600 ISO)