Eight or nine hundred steps up a mountain doesn’t sound that bad, really! But after 3km of walking into the ancient city of Petra, we decided to negotiate with the donkey mafia and ascend to the famed Monastery of Petra…

Rach’s donkey was either bored of completely stupid and somehow didn’t know what was expected. With shear drops to the valley floor and sharp rocks on the opposite side, she was hardly relaxed for most of the time. On the other hand, my donkey was well behaved and in the end (after passing countless weary walkers) we made it to the extraordinary ‘Monastery’ – basically a large version of the ‘Treasury’ we saw for the first time yesterday.

How anyone comes up with the idea to carve something like this out of a mountain (2000 or more years ago) is quite hard to comprehend. But they did and we feel quite lucky to be here to see it!

The surrounding landscape reminded us of the Grand Canyon and as the light changed as the day drew to a close, the colours became beautifully muted and pastel.

In a couple of hours we’re off to ‘Petra at Night’ where it’s lit by thousands of candles… Should be pretty cool (and worthy of a blog entry maybe!)