After a very early start (not helped by both our iPhone alarms failing to work) we had a 3 hour bus ride to the ancient city of Petra in southern Jordan. Firstly – our hotel is sensational. Not only is it at the gate of the historic area – literally! It’s also owned by the Swiss ice cream giant, Mövenpick (one guess what Rach had for lunch), has a beautiful traditional interior and a free bar fridge!!! hehe

Anyway, more importantly, Petra is right across the road, so off we went…

You start by walking a 800m or so down a path (we took a couple of horses – much easier and included in the ticket price) and then through narrow chasm in the rocks which finally opens out to a facade carved in the rocks (some 2000 or so years ago) – the Treasury.

The fact that this was carved entirely out of the rock face is incredible enough, but that it has lasted 2000 years is quite something.

From there we wandered past lots of other rock cuttings, camels, a roman style theatre, donkeys and some fragments of a city long gone. We’re saving the rest for tomorrow – we’re tired!

Off for some more ice cream…