For those of you who aren’t aware of Spain’s national carrier – it’s called Iberia and consists of 100 or so semi-decent planes and some staff who quite frankly don’t give a s**t… And of course, the best thing – they’ve just merged with British Airways which is terribly appropriate as their levels of service are quite similar… hehe

Suffice to say, we had an interesting 24 hours or so. A 2 hour delay flying Rio to Madrid was ok but of course, when arriving – no idea where to go, what to do and Iberia staff nowhere to help the 100 or so passengers who had missed their connections. But back to the flight for now… 10 or 11 hours, no entertainment system, only four staff to serve 250 passengers and some very cold and horrible pasta to eat! As for breakfast – don’t even go there!!!

I know, I like to bag Qantas… But Iberia takes the cake. They truly have the worst service of a ‘full-service’ airline and don’t seem to care! Anyway, enough of the complaining…

So, we FINALLY arrived at Rome airport 4 or 5 hours late and made it to our AMAZING hotel (which is something to say for Rome) – the IQ (no puns please) Hotel near the Rome Opera building. It’s a new, kinda funky place with vending machines on every floor including one on the top floor (see picture) with Moet Chandon bottles (as well as lots of others) – how insane is that???

Other than this, we went out, found some amazing pasta and wine and Christmas was saved after all (Rach doesn’t think Christmas should be 24 hours in airports – I wonder why???)