Hanging out with Vie Ponti, travel photographer in Rio – and the best tour-guide around. Visiting rainforests, beaches, chicken shops and learning the tricks to getting the best parking spots…

Rio is like the dirty cousin of Buenos Aires… It’s crazy and chaotic but kinda loveable. People are friendly and intense but always seem a little on edge. The air is full of humid promise and the streets full of Christmas shoppers desperate on this, Christmas eve (as they celebrate on the 24th).

In Buenos Aires you can wander uninterrupted and gaze at perfectly restored buildings from victorian times, but here – on every corner you’ll be offered a umbrella, peanuts, shoe-shine or even a sidewalk medical diagnosis!

It’s hard to explain this city – it’s manic, but kinda loveable and worth a second look. I’m sure we’ll come back… someday.