We were warned…

And, itś not as if we are vegetarians or anything…

But this place is all about MEAT!!!

Tonight, I thought I would enjoy a salad. We had a lovely barbeque lunch with endless servings of grilled steak and chicken, so surely a salad is in order. I spotted the salad bar and ordered accordingly. All was going well – I had lettuce, potato salad, rice, beetroot and some mayo on the side. And then the meat arrived!!!

Black Pudding!!! Who the hell eats this? I will admit to trying lamb tongue last night (rach was scared, as was the waiter), but the plate of meat that arrived had cuts from most animals represented in South America (except Alpaca – breathe easy Ma and Pa).

The beef (refered to as Cow by the waiter) was great as was the chicken, but the other scary meats were left untouched.

Ironically enough, the waiter popped by mid-dinner and offered a meat refill concerned that we were lacking in bovine uptake!

That is one thing here – you never go hungry!

Or sober.

Try ordering ONE glass of wine. The look of shock and concern on the waiter’s face is priceless. “You do realise that is only one glass, very small etc…”

It keeps happening and then you look around and everyone has at least one bottle of wine on their table…

But the wine IS good. No, great! And cheap , but if it is lunch – why not one glass???

Ok, got that all out of my system. Looking forward to some Vietnamese food back in Buenos Aires tomorrow!!! hehe