Well, technically Ushuaia is a fair bit further south than El Calafate where we are now, but judging by the sun setting at 10.15pm, I reckon we’re a fair bit further south than Melbourne (especially as they don’t have daylight saving!)

So, from the polluted, sweaty metropolis that is Buenos Aires, we arrive in a (very) windy town with a large, blue lake on one said and a treeless mountain range on the other. It’s pretty much a tourist centre as we’re only 80km from a pretty awesome glacier (see tomorrow’s entry as we’re going there at 7am!) – one of many in the area. And every arriving tourist seems to be wearing the latest trekking gear – except us…

So, we rented some.

So, stay tuned for “tales from the glaciers”… hopefully we won’t return battered and bruised and/or soaked and freezing!!! hehe